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DID YOU KNOW. That disabled people can get a free ticket to the cinema for their carer or companion ?

THE NEW NATIONAL CINEMA CONCESSIONARY CARD SCHEME is available to anyone in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance or is Registered Blind.

The card is a photo - ID card and costs just £5.50 (for administration costs ) and the card lasts for 1 year Application forms are available from participating cinemas- including Odeon, UDC and Vue cinemas or you can Tel 0151 348 8020, alternatively you can download an application form from their website at:

Q. I have recently been registered blind Where can I find information that may be useful to me?

A. Websites like ours provide information that may be helpful to you.

Local blind associations are also very helpful, your Social Services Sensory Team should have contact details for your local groups.

Consider joining your local blind groups they allow you the opportunity to meet with other blind and partially sighted people. It's amazing the tips and info you can pick up at their meetings.

The RNIB have a comprehensive website that may provide answers to some of your questions. They also have a helpline you may find useful. Phone them on 0845 766 9999

Social Services are there to help you so please use them their Sensory Team can provide you with lots of information, their phone no will be in your telephone book.

DID YOU KNOW. if you are registered blind you may get free direct enquiries.
Tel 195 for further details.

Q. I have heard of talking books, but where can I find these?

A. Most local libraries have a selection of talking books you can borrow.
You can also have talking books delivered directly to your door ask at your local library about their library care service.

The National Library for the blind have an audio book service that will deliver directly to your door. Contact them on 0161 355 2000

DID YOU KNOW. that you could be entitled to a free cd player or a radio with easy to use control buttons?

More details from your local Social Services Sensory Team

Q. Where can I find out about rehabilitation and training courses?

A. From your local social services sensory team. The social workers usually have the details of what is available and can advise you according to your specific needs.

Q. Is it possible to find employment even though I am vision impaired?

A. Yes it is possible and today you are expected to be in employment if you are deemed fit for work, your local job centre will have a Disability Employment Advisor, they will do their best to help you find employment.

They will also have details about the access to work scheme, this is a scheme to help disabled people gain employment, they may be able to contribute to the cost of specialist equipment to enable you to carry out your job.

The access to work scheme may also help if you are in employment and need specialist equipment to carry on in your present job.
Ask at your local job centre.

Q. I find I can no longer work will I be entitled to any social security benefits?

A. You may be able to claim some social security benefits.

For more information regarding benefits.

Ring the Benefits enquiry line on 0800 88 22 00 or visit website.

Your local welfare rights office may also be able to help if you have difficulty filling in the forms.

DID YOU KNOW. that you may be entitled to a Blind Concession TV Licence at half the usual cost of a


DETAILS from TV Licensing Customer Care on 08705 763 763 for more details


Q. Would a guide dog be helpful to me?

A. A lot of people have been helped to get out and about and to keep their independence with the help of a guide dog

Q. Where can I find out about guide dogs, and would I qualify for one?

A. You can contact guide dogs for the blind and they will Asses your needs and answer any questions you may have. Contact them on 01204 495111

DID YOU KNOW. that some bus companys have a free bus pass for blind people allowing free travel.

DETAILS. from your local bus company or your Social Services Sensory Team.

Q. What about special equipment to help me cope with everyday living.

A. When you are first registered your consultant will send a BD8 off to your local Social Services, who will then visit you and assess your needs.

Their Rehabilitation Officer will help you learn new/different ways of doing everyday tasks such as making a hot drink and cooking a meal.

They may provide you with some equipment free of charge, and they will advise about other equipment. Please take advice as some items can be expensive.

Magnifiers may be of use to you, ask your hospital consultant or your doctor for a referral to the low vision clinic.

The RNIB can also provide information on products contact their customer services on 0845 702 3153 Again please take advice as mistakes can be costly