The Visionaries
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Leigh Vision Impaired Self Help Group
About us


We are a self-help group of blind and Vision Impaired people in the Leigh area; we are located in the centre of Leigh and serve Leigh and the surrounding districts.

The group was started in May 2002, when it was realised there was a need for a social club for Blind and Vision Impaired people in the local area. We have 20 members and would warmly welcome any new members.ladies eye

Meetings are relaxed and friendly, they are held in the Club 180, previously the Consevative Club Railway Road. Leigh, on the 2nd 3rd & 4th Tuesdays of each month from 1.00 - 3.30pm.

The next scheduled meeting is on Tuesday 22/03/2016

Subs are just £48.00 for the year, payable in monthly installments of £4.00 per month and includes some subsidised trips.

Tea /coffee and biscuits are available at a cost of 50p.

The bar is open for those who may wish to purchase a drink.

Members of the group will enjoy a variety of activities and outings during the year.

Here are last years Trips

We went to The Lowry Theatre to see the production of Wicked.

Our first trip last year was on 8th July when we went to Blackpool for the day.

The next Trip was on 4th Sept when we will visited Ormskirk Market and then travelled on to Southport for the afternoon.

26th Dec we went toThe Talbot Hotel Southport for our Christmas meal.





We gratefully accept donations however small, we also accept donations of equipment that may be of use to our group. If you would like to donate anything to our club we can be contacted via the e-mail address on the Home page.

Funding is essential to small Voluntary groups like ours, we couldn't operate without it.

We have limited oportunities to raise money, and without any outside help we would not be able to continue the work we do within our local communities.



The objectives of the group are:

To be a source of support, friendship and information to Blind and partially sighted people and their Carers.

To raise awareness, within the wider community, of issues relating to Blind and partially sighted people.

We aim to achieve the above objectives by means of the following:

· Holding regular meetings
· Organisation of social/recreational activities and events.
· Development and maintenance of links with outside groups and professionals.
· Development of information sources and links wherever practicable.
· Maximising the potential of individual members whenever practicable.

(This is the agreed mission statement of the group known as The Visionaries
at 18/11/03)